Global Bondholder Services Corporation provides a full range of services that support our transactions from the initial set up to final closing. We want to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service and we are dedicated to offering every option to allow for transactions to run as efficiently as possible. The core objective of our service is to provide you with the most timely and accurate analysis and execution of the transaction and provide the logistics to ensure success for all of our clients.
  • Our representatives have direct access to the Depositary Trust Company's ATOP system
  • GBSC provides access to a 30-seat call center specifically for the transaction
  • A print production team can turn around documents overnight for offers that require printed documents
  • Our distribution center will deliver materials to street holders in the most timely fashion possible
  • 24/7 access to members of our team

Pre-Transaction Analysis
  • Analyze logistics of proposed offer
  • Determine if compatible with Depositary Trust Company (DTC) processes
  • Review all offering documents and materials

Bondholder Analysis
  • Compile a list of bondholders using best available resources
  • Produce a report showing the investment manager, fund name, custodian and quantity of debt issues managed
  • Provide a cross-owndership report showing common ownership of debt issues

Document Printing/Press Releases
  • Determine the material requirements
  • Assist in the coordination of all printing activities
  • Issue press releases to preferred newswires including PR Newswire, Business Wire, Reuters, and Bloomberg

Information Agent
  • Dedicated toll-free '800' offer information hot-line
  • Coordination of the distribution of offer materials to registered holders
  • Coordination of the distribution of offer materials to DTC participants
  • Status reporting to management

Tender/Exchange/Tabulation Agent
  • Manage all tender elections made through DTC
  • Create and distribute daily activity reports
  • Calculate pro-rata items

Transaction Settlement
  • Calculate funds needed for settlement
  • Work with trustees and depositaries
  • Coordinate payment to holders
  • Settle all outstanding issues with DTC